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Large Silicone Cups (2) - Soft

Large Silicone Cups (2) - Soft


2 x Large Silicone Cups - Soft Silicone


Have additional large silicone cups on hand when treating mulitiple areas.  This is a set of 2 of the Large Silicone Cup only and is made from a softer silicone at a 55 hardness level which creates a lighter level of suction.  Ideal for Dynamic Cupping techniques 


  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to adjust the amount of suction.
  • High transparency to monitor treatments.
  • Each cup measures 3.5" x 4.5" in diameter.
  • There are 2 Large Cups in the set.


Proposed Treatment Process:

  • The general amount of time needed to treat an area is approximately 2 to 5 minutes. 
  • Place the cup over the area of reduced mobility with a moderate amount of suction to ensure that the horse is tolerant of the pressure. 
  • When using the Static Technique, leave the cup in place for 2 to 5 minutes depending on the tolerance of the horse, if the horse is reacting negatively to the pressure, release and re-apply with less suction.  
  • Placing multiple cups on the horse and using them all at the same time is a very effective way to give the horse an extensive therapeutic treatment.


Shorter application times are recommended for the first treatment.


    In order to create a good seal of the cup against the coat, we recommend using ultrasound gel as it is water soluable.  You can also use coconut oil, however this may leave a residue on the coat.

    Place the silicone cup on the horse, hold the cup with your index finger, middle finger and ring finger around the edge of the cup and press the top of the cup down with your thumb or palm of your hand while lifting the edge of the cup with your fingertips so that the air inside of the cup is released.  

    Release your fingers from the edge of the cup so that it suctions to the coat -  it may take some practice to get the right amount of suction.

    You can also squeeze the sides of the cup to form an oblong shape before pressing the cup to the coat.

    Once the cup is sealed to the coat, you can slide it back and forth (Massage Cupping technique) or leave it in place for several minutes to provide stimulation to the underlying tissue (Static Cupping technique).


    To remove the cup safely, press down on the coat around the edge of the cup or slide a fingertip under the edge to break the seal.  NEVER pull the cup directly off the coat unless the suction has been released first.


    Never use Cupping on your horse in the following situations:

    • Near large blood vessels
    • If your horse has a blood coagulation disorder
    • If your horse is deficient in bodily fluids or has anemia
    • Over open wounds or skin lesions
    • Over an acute injury or infection
    • Directly over inflammation
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